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Personal account of the professional
Read about the new features of the personal account
Personal account
New features of the personal account
  • Balance of your personal account
    Now you can see the current balance of your personal account in the Professional Zone. You can deposit money in advance on your personal account, so as not to waste time paying separately for each certificate. And you will always know how much free money is left in your account.
  • The currency of the personal account depends on the country of location
    If you are in Germany, the balance will be stated in euros. If you move, for example, to Vietnam, the system will automatically recalculate your balance in dollars at the rate of transfer of funds, and not at the time of change of your work place! At the moment, 3 currencies are available: dollars, euros and russian rubles.
  • Transparent price
    When ordering a certificate, you will immediately see the cost of certification, taking into account your current discount (see Bonus programs).
  • Automatic renewal
    To start your work quickly, your professional status can now be extended with just one click on the "Extend Status" button.
  • Features of work through regional offices
    If you are assigned to any regional office of the NDL and order certificates through this office, the certificates in this case, as before, are paid for the regional office.
    Attention! In this case, the deposit of funds to your account may not be recorded instantly, but after some time when the regional office sends a reconciliation of payments. The ability to order certificates for you at that time remains available and is not blocked.

Bonus programs
For NDL-professionals we have 2 bonus programs.
More certificates - less price.
The more students you teach, the lower the cost of certification is (up to 20% lower than the initial cost!).
Discounts for trained and engaged professionals
If you have trained an NDL professional and/or have encouraged him/her to become an NDL professional, you will receive bonus points to your account with each amount paid by him/her in the NDL, which you can use to pay for your certificates and annual fees.
You have invited your friend to become an NDL professional.
Becoming a professional, your friend pays fees to the NDL.
With each payment he/she made, you get bonus points and can pay with them on the NDL website.
Attention! If you have invited your friend to become an NDL professional, but he/she has been trained as the NDL professional by another instructor, then in this case, in order to make the bonus program apply to you, it is necessary that your friend informs the Central Office of the NDL that it was you who convinced him/her to become an NDL professional.
The higher your rank, the higher percentage you get for attracting and/or training professionals in the NDL.
Your professional level
Percentage for involving and/or training a professional
NDL Divemaster
NDL Instructor Rank 1
NDL Scuba Instructor
NDL Instructor Rank 2
NDL Diveleader Instructor
NDL Master Instructor Level I
NDL Master Instructor Level II
NDL Master Instructor Level III
NDL Instructor Rank 3
Attention! If you are assigned to any regional office of the NDL and order certificates through this office, then you can spend your points on the extension of your professional status through your personal account. If you want to pay for a student's certificate with points, then you need to write to email

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