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NDL Stunt Diving

The unique NDL underwater stunt training program, created by order of the International Stunt Diver School (ISDS), has no analogues either in the global diving training system or in the global film industry and the international stunt community. This program was developed by specialists from the international SHADOW SQUAD team and the NDL Russian Diving underwater club, one of the oldest diving centers in Russia.

Methodological development and testing of the program were carried out with the participation of the Action Unit company, known for staging stunts in such films as: "Crew", "Legend No. 17", "Stalingrad", "T 34", "Landing", "Thunder Gates" and many others. Elements of the program were tested during the training of actors and stuntmen of the Chernobyl film project by Danila Kozlovsky and during the filming of the film's underwater stunts. And the NDL Intro Underwater Stunt course program was used to train actors in the underwater filming of the film "Couple from the Future."

The program consists of 4 levels, which are designed for different audiences of students and differ in complexity, intensity and duration.

Intro Underwater Stunt
The course is intended mainly for actors who will be shooting underwater with an open face without the use of diving breathing systems in the frame, as well as for everyone who wants to feel like an underwater stuntman. This program is designed for people, including those who have no prior scuba diving experience.
Stunt Diver
The course is intended for professional stuntmen with experience in the film industry and with an NDL Underwater Stunt certificate. The course provides skills in performing stunts of varying complexity underwater, ensuring safety when performing underwater stunts, organizing insurance and providing first aid.
Underwater Stunt Coordinator
The course is designed for professional stuntmen and stunt coordinators with experience in the film industry and who have an NDL Stunt Diver underwater certificate. The course provides skills in creating, staging and performing underwater stunts, as well as organizing the safety of the filming process.
NDL Stunt Diver